Matt & Sophia Ebiner in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, 2014

Matt Ebiner is the founder, owner, and leader of GeoTours.  Since 2010 Matt has organized and led GeoTours groups to 58 countries, including diverse destinations such as Iceland, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Ghana, Moldova, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and Honduras, as well as more popular places like Peru, Ireland, Thailand, Costa Rica, Greece, Morocco, and Egypt.

Matt sees the world as a magnificent and fascinating place, and his travels continually confirm that.   As a college geography professor he has taught World Regional Geography courses since 1986.  He has inspired thousands of students to appreciate and understand the world, and has personally led trips to all the continents except Antarctica, exposing travelers to some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting places.   Matt loves nature, traditional cultures, photography, running, hiking, and religion, and he tries to incorporate most of these into the itineraries he designs for GeoTours.

Matt got his first big taste of travel as a 19-year old when he faced a summer with energy, enthusiasm, and time on his hands.  Consequently, he did a 49-day bicycle ride across the USA by himself and considers the 4000-mile trip to be one of his proudest accomplishments.  He has visited 151 countries as of 2017, and most of his travels over the last 23 years have been with his wife Suzan (127 countries).  They have one daughter, Sophia, who is 11 years old and has traveled to 85 countries.  He looks forward to sharing the wonders of this world with you!

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